Week 9 of 12 Kayla Itsines BBG: Here are my Results

Week 9 of 12 Kayla Itsines BBG: Here are my Results

COVID-19 has struck the world, and little did I know that March 16 would be my last day in the gym. At this point in time, I had been attending Vasa Fitness every morning and I was getting back into my workout game. On the evening of March 16, Vasa announced their closing until further notice and I felt lost.

Suddenly, I remembered the Kayla Itsines BBG Ebook I had on my phone since 2016 and I knew this was the best thing I could do to continue to stay in shape. Little did I know that this program would change me for the better.

The program has 4 weeks of pre-workout segments that she suggests you take part in before starting the program, but I had already been working out and didn't think I needed it.

So, on March 17 I woke up, went down to my basement, put on my sneakers, and turned some tunes on. I opened up the Ebook to read "Week 1 Day 1- Legs and Cardio."

These workouts are made to be Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts with LISS "Low Intensity Steady State" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On my Tuesday and Thursdays, I typically go for a 2 mile run around my neighborhood.

The progression for each workout is as follows:

Warm Up
Circuit 1- 7 minutes (2x each workout)
Break- 30 seconds
Circuit 2- 7 minutes (2x each workout)
Break- 30 Seconds
Circuit 1- (2x each workout)
Break- 30 seconds
Circuit 2- (2x each workout)
Cool Down and Stretch

Total, this workout ends up being around 30 minutes without the warm up or cool down. It's great if you are on a time crunch. Additionally, the whole program is 12 weeks and they split it into 3 parts. Week 1-4, week 5-8, and week 9-12. I can confidently say week 9 has been the hardest and I have my week 9 day 3 workout tomorrow.

The first 4 weeks were definitely the hardest. I was trying to complete these workouts within the time frame and basically not pass out. I had some days where I really struggled and others I thrived. Each of the days differ between cardio, legs, arms, and abs. Sometimes the workouts are combined so you get a mixture of workouts. Below are my results from week 1 day 1 on the left, and week 4 day 3 on the right (first part).

I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I saw these results and ultimately, I was shocked. I didn't realize how bloated and puffed up I looked. My diet also changed tremendously. I no longer ate copious amounts of carbs. I cut out potatoes, chips, tortillas, and I stopped snacking unless it was some nuts or fruit. I replaced sweets with frozen grapes and some peanut butter.

The start to week 4 was going well, and I was so excited to get to week 8. The workouts got progressively harder, and they were more area-focused than a combination of areas. In weeks 1-4 I was required to do 10 burpees in some of the workouts, which I STRUGGLED with. But now I was asked to do 15 in many workouts, but I got there and really thrived. Last week on Friday I finished part two of this program and I couldn't be happier. On the left was week 4 day 3 and on the right was week 8 day 3.

I had no idea that this transformation was taking place. Since we are in quarantine we really haven't been able to see anyone, but I saw my parents for Mother's Day and they noticed a difference. A lot less bloating even from week 4! For my diet, I started to incorporate some rice and nut crackers, but still no huge changes. I had a few cheat days here and there of eating some pizza, but worked out at least 1 day of the weekend to make up for it.

Below is my week 1 day 1 compared to week 8 day 3. I can't wait to see where this program will have me at week 12!

Just doing what I do best: sitting at my computer either writing or watching Netflix. It’s a coin toss at this point. Get to know me!



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